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Here at Vera Networks it is our goal to provide all of our customers with the support to help them solve any need that they may have. We pride ourselves on doing the work as if it was our company, and making sure we meet all expectations.

SMS Marketing

Are you looking for a better, smarter way to market to your customer base?
SMS or Text Marketing has some of the best read and effectiveness percentages in all of the marketing space.  97% of all people 18-44 in the US have a mobile device.  That means that by utilizing SMS marketing you have an easy path to your customer.

Vera Networks provides solutions to help augment every marketing initiative your company is running.  From Loyalty programs to NEW Customer acquistions strategies, we have solutions that can help improve your ROI.  Integrating mobile marketing into broadcast media such as Radio, print, outdoor, flyers, or even event marketing will help you build databases of customers you can remarket to with text and drive new transactions.  Capturing current clients into databases will provide the ability to market to them over the course of a year and drive additional transactions creating top-line revenue increases.